Sunday Gathering Times
Sunday Worship 9:30 am
Adult Sunday School 11:00 am
Youth Group 6:00 pm
Where’s God When I’m in Prison 9-17-17 You ever been stuck? In shackles? Genesis 40:1-23 Do you ever feel forgotten? Misconceptions while in prison: 1. God does not _________ . Romans…

When Temptation Comes My Way

September 3, 2017
When Temptation Comes My Way 9-3-17 Giving in to one temptation can destroy my life. Genesis 39:1-23 Potiphar: belonging to the __________; the one whom the god Ra has given…

Playing Favorites

August 27, 2017
Playing Favorites 8-27-17 Joseph—a special young man! Genesis 37:1-36 Joseph’s name means “My God give __________ " Joseph was the son of the _______ wife. Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob…